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Glass Technics. Distortion free glass scratch removal,  plastic polishing  and glass repair equipment specialists

Distortion Free Glass Scratch Removal and Polishing

Glass Technics's "Distortion Free Glass Scratch Removal and Polishing Kit" is very popular with worldwide sales.

Our very satisfied clients include leading names in the aviation, marine, railway, automotive and commercial building industries and include : FlyBe, Higgs and Hill, Eurocopters, Sunseeker International, Vectra Aerospace, Bombardier, Alexander Dennis, Barratt Homes, Falcon, Vinci plc, Scheldebouw, Yuanda and many more.

Polished Window

A Polished section of weather
damaged glass

results of abrasive scratch removal
The photo on the left, as indicated by the "wavey" brick lines, clearly shows distortion to the glass after the scratches were removed using an inferior kit.

Our Glass Scratch Removal System is tried and tested so does not cause this unsightly distortion.

Our System Safely removes scratches and graffiti from all types of glass:
* commercial properties
* residential properties
* auto windscreens
* mirrors
* annealed glass
* tempered glass
* laminated glass
* chemically strengthened glass
* architectural glass
* aircraft transparencies
* both flat and curved glass
* any smooth glass

training technicians in glass scratch removal
Glass Technics
Training Scratch Removal
Technicians in France
Consultancy, Training and Backup Services.
Glass Technics offer full International and National consultancy, training (on our kit) and continual backup services to existing and potential clients. We are very willing to travel to foreign countries as we have recently done in France, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Ukraine, to undertake training on the use of our equipment, assist new businesses start up or to advise on technical issues with regards to glass scratch removal.

scratched glass removal

** Glass Scratch Removal and Polishing Kits **

Glass DIY Polishing Kit

glass polishing kit

The DIY Kit is designed to remove light surface scratches / blemishes in glass. The backer pad fits into an elctric drill chuck.

Price - £34.00

Kit Contents
1 x 150gm jar of glass polishing compound
1 x 75mm spindle (6mm shaft) backer pad
2 x 75mm velcro backed glass polishing pads
1 x 75mm foam interface layer
5 each of fine, medium and coarse abrasive discs
1 x water spray bottle
1 x spatula
1 x set of instructions

Professional Glass Scratch Removal / Polishing Kit

Glass scratch removal kit

Complete Kit - £595.00
Without polisher and tool case - £310.00

Kit Contents
1 x Aluminium Carry Case
1 x 1100w, Variable Speed (2000-10000rpm) Polisher (110v or 230v)
1 x Water spray bottle with atomiser
1 x Jar Polishing Compound (450 gms)
1 x 3" (75mm) polisher backer pad
6 x 3" (75mm) rayon polishing pads
4 x 3" (75 x 8mm) pure felt polishing pads
1 x 110mm x 8mm felt polishing pad
1 x 115mm bevelled felt polishing pad
50 x 77mm Fine abrasive pads
50 x 77mm Medium abrasive pads
50 x 77mm Coarse abrasive pads
10 x 77mm Final application abrasive pads (foam backed)
2 x 75mm foam interface pads
1 x digital infrared thermometer
1 x spatula
1 x set of instructions

Should a kit be required without the polisher then your own polisher must have variable speed between 1500 and 3500 rpm and have a polisher spindle of M14-2

For large surface areas of scratched damage 5" (125mm) abrasive pads and a 5" backer pad are available seperately.

** Please contact us for further details

Glass Technics - Glass Scratch Removal And Polishing Kits