Glass Technics. Distortion free glass scratch removal,  plastic polishing  and glass repair equipment specialists

Glass Technics specialise in supplying the latest quality kits available for Polishing Glass and Plastics.

Glass Technics offer prospective and existing clients very high quality : distortion free glass scratch removal and polishing kits : plastic scratch removal and plastic polishing kits : polishing pads : polishes and compounds for the Glass & Plastics Polishing Industries.

Glass Polishing Kit
diy glass polishing kit
glass scratch removal kit

* Our glass scratch removal / polishing kits can be used on most types of glass surfaces including - toughened glass, laminated glass, double glazed windows, shop windows, patio doors, glass tables, shower screens, vehicle windscreens, fish tanks, aircraft windscreens  
* Useful for removing scratches, graffiti etching, water staining, lime scale, acid etching, welder and grinder spatter

plastic scratch removal and polishing kit
Plastic Acrylic Polishing Kit
Epoxy Resin Polishing Machine

* Our plastic scratch removal / polishing kits can be used on acrylic plastics including on, fish tanks, aquariums, aircraft windscreens and side windows, yacht windows etc  

helicopter windscreen polishing

yacht window polishing

We at Glass Technics specialise in glass and plastic scratch removal and polishing equipment for the Automotive, Aircraft, Marine, Public Transport, Manufacturing, Leisure and Property Industries.

Kit de polissage de verre, Kit de pulido de vidrio, Kit per lucidatura vetro, Glas Polierset, Набор для полировки стекла

Glass and Plastic : Scratch Removal, Polishing and Refurbishing Kits & Equipment